Jason McCourty is enjoying the family atmosphere at Patriots training camp

"It’s a blessing so far for the entire family."

Jason McCourty
Jason McCourty and his twin brother Devin McCourty, right, head to the practice field before Patriots minicamp. –Jonathan Wiggs /Globe Staff

Devin McCourty had some advice for his twin on Wednesday: “I just told him to just act like me as much as possible.”

Jason McCourty, who said he wasn’t sure if that was good or bad advice, had some instructions of his own Thursday for the reporters listening to Devin: “Don’t listen to anything he says.”

The McCourty brothers, reunited in the Patriots secondary nine years after playing together at Rutgers, are enjoying the family atmosphere at training camp. Their mother, Phyllis, plans to attend some of the sessions, and their children were playing together on the field after the first day of practice wrapped up Thursday.


“Growing up as kids, we just always dreamed about playing in the NFL. We never cared what team it was,” Jason said. “Obviously, me getting drafted first, then him, we were like, ‘Maybe we can join up at some point.’ For a while it didn’t look like it was going to happen but here we are, excited… It’s a blessing so far for the entire family.”

(Note: Jason holds the edge in that specific sibling rivalry because Devin redshirted his first collegiate season. The Browns selected Jason with a sixth-round pick in 2009. Devin went in the first round to New England the following season.)

For the brothers, this season will be their first time lining up together as professionals.

“It’s always cool, as we’re doing drills, to come off the field and talk football with him,” Jason said. “For so many years, we texted and sent a clip — something here, something there — and talked about it. Now, to be actually going through it at the same time, talking defenses with him, is really cool.”

Jason’s last NFL stop was with the winless Cleveland Browns. When asked about the differences between that team and his current outfit, he noted the faces and names were different. However, he did expand on the Patriots culture, which he says keeps the focus on the field and not on “expectations, noise, the past, the future.”


Kaiden McCourty, Jason’s 2-year-old son, reached out to play with the reporters’ microphones as his father spoke. Nearby, Devin was relaxing with his family, and Jason smiled as he recalled his niece, Londyn, coming over to him while her father signed autographs.

“She thought I was dad anyways, so that type of excitement is what its all about,” Jason said.

The reunion — and confusion — will continue at training camp Friday.


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