Twin boys, Thomas and Brady, meet the real Tom Brady

“My wife, Grace, had names for them, and I said, ‘Maybe we ought to name them something different.'"

Tom Brady
Tom Brady runs past members of the media before practice. AP Photo/Steven Senne

Tom Brady had two mini-me’s watching him from the sidelines at training camp Thursday.

Introducing: Thomas Killian Caffyn and Brady Edelman Caffyn, twin 3-year-old boys from Hong Kong who have finally met their namesake. The boys arrived in Foxboro sporting their own little Patriots T-shirts. Flanked by their parents, Brian and Grace Caffyn, the family found out when they arrived that their VIP tickets would also be getting them a VIP introduction to the star quarterback.

“I was a little nervous,’’ said Brian, who admits the names for his sons were his own idea.

Brian and Grace had been living in the Philippines when the boys were born, and Brian had earlier that year traveled to the United States to see the Patriots win the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks.


When he got home, he had an inspiration.

“My wife, Grace, had names for them, and I said, ‘Maybe we ought to name them something different,’ ’’ he said.

“I had nothing to do with it,’’ Grace said.

Brian grew up on Cape Cod and is here visiting family until early August.

Grace says she is a “converted’’ football fan and hadn’t really watched the sport until she met Brian.

In honor of her sons’ first visit to Boston, she decided to reach out to the Patriots and tell them about their names.

And yes — Grace knows that “Killian’’ sounds remarkably like “Julian.’’


She had chosen the name Killian for one of her boys from the start. Now it’s just a happy coincidence.

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