Morning sports update: ‘Not very tech savvy’ Bill Belichick invents another social media platform

"It's not like you can just flip from channel 53 to channel 108."

Bill Belichick
Patriots head coach Bill Belichick during training camp at Gillette Stadium. –Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Ian Kinsler flied out with two runners on base to end the game as the Indians beat the Red Sox 5-4 on Monday night. Corey Kluber tied for the major league lead in wins (16) for Cleveland, who handed Boston its fifth loss in 22 games.

Here are some more sports headlines to get you caught up this morning:

‘Not very tech savvy’ Bill Belichick invents another social media platform

When Bill Belichick was asked during Super Bowl week if he’d seen Tom Brady’s documentary, “Tom vs. Time,” the Patriots head coach shook his head.

“No, I don’t have SnapFace,” he said.


Belichick has long been taking the names of various social media platforms and blending them into bold new combinations. His repertoire includes standbys like “SnapFace” as well as rare gems like “InstaChat” and “MyBook.” The only platform name the seven-time Super Bowl champion gets right? Twitter.

On Monday, during an appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni & Fauria, he added another permutation to the list. Belichick noted that while he does not have Netflix, Linda Holliday does.

“Linda does,” he said. “I don’t have one. I’m not very tech savvy. Getting it on the screen would be very challenging for me. You’ve got to go to a certain thing; have a passcode. It’s not like you can just flip from channel 53 to channel 108. I can handle that. But yeah, we have it.”

The streaming service isn’t the only one Belichick says he’d need some technological assistance to use.

“If I didn’t have some help, I don’t think I’d be able to get Netflix, SnapFace, and Pandarama, or whatever it is,” he said.

If Belichick wants to binge-watch Brady’s intriguing series to prepare for their 19th season together, he’ll have to figure out how to use Facebook Watch. The quarterback has yet to make it available to stream on Netflix — or Pandarama, for that matter.


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