Rob Ninkovich tells WEEI’s ‘Kirk & Callahan’ to ‘stop asking dumb questions’

"Stop asking dumb questions and Tom won't hang up on you!"

Rob Ninkovich Tom Brady
Tom Brady pats teammate Rob Ninkovich on the head after his 15-yard touchdown off a fumble recovery against the Chicago Bears. –Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich has some advice for co-hosts Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane of WEEI’s morning show, “Kirk & Callahan.”

“Stop asking dumb questions and Tom [Brady] won’t hang up on you!” Ninkovich tweeted Monday in response to the show’s announcement that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had hung up on them earlier that morning.

Brady abruptly ended his weekly conversation with “Kirk & Callahan” over repeated questions about his trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero. Minihane called the reaction “mystifying,” saying he doesn’t understand the source of Brady’s apparent frustration.

“You have to answer a couple of semi-tough questions,” Minihane said following the abbreviated interview. “I’m just trying to get clarification. I’m surprised. That’s all.”


Monday wasn’t the first time Brady has cut things short because of a question about Guerrero. On the third day of Patriots training camp, he walked away from reporters after he was asked for his thoughts on people linking wide receiver Julian Edelman’s performance-enhancing drugs (PED) suspension to Guerrero.

“I have no comment,’’ Brady said. “That’s just ridiculous. I’m out. See you guys.’’

Guerrero’s involvement with the Patriots has been a controversial subject over the past year. In December, coach Bill Belichick reportedly stripped Guerrero of several privileges, including a seat on the team plane, sideline credentials on game day, and the ability to treat players (excluding Brady) in his office at Gillette Stadium.

Other than confirming that Guerrero does not work for the Patriots, which he did again during training camp this year, Belichick hasn’t had much to say about Guerrero’s role with the team. But his stringent restrictions may have modified for the upcoming season. For New England’s third preseason game, Guerrero reportedly traveled with the Patriots to North Carolina via the team plane on Thursday. He’s also been frequently spotted in the locker room.

It’s unclear what changes have been made — as well as whether the team will ever disclose them — but limiting Guerrero’s involvement was identified as one of the issues reportedly driving a wedge between Brady and Belichick. Guerrero’s restored presence could be a sign of a compromise.