Tom Brady’s son has a fantasy football team. Dad isn’t on it.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Tom Brady
09/07/2018 Foxborough Ma -New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (cq) took some questions at a afternoon press-conference.. Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff Reporter:Topic: Jonathan Wiggs / The Boston Globe

Some experts think Tom Brady is overrated in fantasy football. Is it possible that the Patriots quarterback’s son agrees?

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Brady was asked about the trick play the Philadelphia Eagles ran Thursday night in the NFL season opener against the Atlanta Falcons — reminiscent of the wide receiver pass that fell just off his fingertips during the Super Bowl this past February. Brady responded that “good execution wins games” and used his son’s fantasy team as a parable.

“My son does fantasy football and he’s looking at his projections for this week and going, ‘Dad, I’m supposed to lose,'” Brady said. “I said, ‘Well, none of that matters because, you know, you actually got to go play the game.’ And that’s what we’re all here for – no one knows what the outcomes are going to be.”


It wasn’t clear if Brady was referring to his older son Jack, who just turned 11, or younger son Ben, who is 8. But his response elicited the obvious follow-up question: Who does his son have as a quarterback on his fantasy team?

“Not me,” the 41-year-old reigning NFL MVP said. “He had Matt Ryan actually, so he was watching with me last night.”

It wouldn’t be the fist time Brady got snubbed by his son. Last season, he told NBC’s Dan Patrick that Jack had drafted Cam Newton. Brady joked that he would pick Cam Newton over himself, too.

This year, the Patriots quarterback is generally ranked among the top-three fantasy players at his position (while Ryan is generally ranked outside the top 10). But hey, the quarterback position is particularly deep when it comes to fantasy football. Maybe Brady’s son is just executing a savvy draft strategy.