Tom Brady: ‘I don’t think we played anywhere near what our capabilities are’

He's happy, but not too happy, with the Patriots' first W.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t overly thrilled with his team’s season-opening 27-20 win over the Houston Texans Sunday afternoon.

“I don’t think we played anywhere near what our capabilities are,” Brady told reporters after New England’s 27-20 victory. “I think it’s good to win, obviously, but we’ve got to do a lot better than that I think.”

New England scored three touchdowns, but the team also suffered some offensive miscues: Brady threw an interception, tight end Rob Gronkowski fumbled the ball for the first time in six years, and wide receiver Riley McCarron muffed a punt.


“All of us probably look at the game and realize we could have done a lot of things differently,” said Brady, who cited turnovers as one source of frustration.

Brady completed 26 of his 39 attempts (67 percent) for 277 yards and three touchdowns. Eight players caught passes from Brady, who averaged 7.1 yards per reception. Though he was happy with the diversity, Brady also said he and the receivers “didn’t get into the rhythm [they] probably would have liked to get into.”

“Got to do basically everything better,” the 41-year-old said. “But it’s still great to get a win and be 1-0.”

Wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, who caught seven passes on seven targets for 66 yards, was one of the players to garner praise from Brady. Dorsett joined the Patriots a year ago — and logged 12 catches for 194 yards in 15 games last season —but Brady said the pair is beginning to develop stronger trust.

“Phillip did a great job,” Brady said. “[He] came up with the plays, came up with the catches. It’s kind of what he’s been doing all camp, all spring, and it was good to see it show up today. We needed it. We need everybody who’s out there to make plays. We’re not out there to punt, but we’ve got to string more good plays together in order to score more points.”