Say goodbye to Tom Brady’s fake newspaper

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s fake newspaper — which really only consisted of a comic-strip section — has reportedly printed its final edition.

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Charlotte Wilder, Brady’s publication, the TB Times, will cease to exist after two seasons of poking fun at New England’s opponents with illustrations. Only printing on days the Patriots win, the comics of the TB Times often feature Brady and/or his teammates in cartoon form, some sort of pun or play on words, and a cartoon crocodile. Brady has yet to reveal the crocodile’s identity.

After the Patriots’ 24-17 win over the New York Jets, for example, Brady was depicted as a detective out to expose a phony salesman for false advertising of his faulty hot tub jets. And after the Patriots’ 23-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Brady and coach Bill Belichick were displeased judges on “Bill’s Got Talent.”


Brady said in January all the comics have “a little different meaning.”

“Hopefully, people enjoy them,” he said. “There’s nothing more than that.”

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