Jaguars fans plan to troll Patriots with flyover banner referencing AFC Championship controversy. Here’s why.

"Myles Jack wasn't down."

Myles Jack recovers a fumble in the AFC Championship game
Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack recovers a fumble by Patriots running back Dion Lewis in the AFC Championship game. Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Nearly eight months after the Patriots stormed back from a fourth quarter deficit to defeat the Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC Championship game, one particular play still stands out in the minds of Jacksonville fans. And it could result in a flyover banner prior to the Week 2 rematch with the Patriots on Sunday.

The original incident

The controversy stems from a play in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship, as the Jaguars led 20-10. After a trick play, Patriots running back Dion Lewis was stripped of the ball by Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack.

The already dramatic turnover could’ve loomed even larger had Jack run it back for a touchdown. Instead, the play was blown dead by officials, meaning Jacksonville got the ball at the point of the fumble recovery.


The Jaguars offense went three-and-out on the ensuing possession, giving the ball back to Tom Brady and the Patriots (who promptly marched downfield for a touchdown). Eventually, the Patriots took the lead and held out for a win to send the team to Super Bowl LII.

The controversy becomes popular

In the minds of Jaguars fans (though not the NFL’s league office), the officials’ ruling was a pivotal turning point that unfairly cost their team. This was summed up in April from the fan behind the popular Twitter account @BortlesFacts.

Both before and after, this sentence became a rallying cry for Jaguars fans. Jack himself humorously referenced it in his Instagram story in May, spotting a sign with the sentence at a professional wrestling event.


“I love it,” Jack told ESPN during the offseason about the ongoing subplot. “I’m a B-list celebrity on this team. We got Blake, Leonard [Fournette], Jalen [Ramsey]. Anywhere I can get my name in there, I’m cool with it.”

Clothing has been printed, and even a special beer was brewed. Intuition Ale Works, located in Jacksonville, released a “Myles Jack Wasn’t Down Belgian Tripel” in June.

At a high school graduation in Jacksonville, Jack’s name made an appearance at the end of a valedictorian’s speech.

The planned flyover for Week 2

Now in the 2018 season, Jaguars fans haven’t forgotten about the “Myles Jack wasn’t down” controversy. This is especially true considering the Patriots journey to Jacksonville for Week 2.


A Jaguars fan group, Generation Jaguar, began a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to pay or a flyover banner. The plane will drag a banner reading, predictably, “Myles Jack Wasn’t Down,” with a reference also to the fan group’s website.

The group eclipsed their goal of $1,500, and promises to donate any additional money to Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund Foundation (Coughlin is a team executive).

“The only thing that would potentially stop our pilot from successfully flying the ‘MYLES JACK WASN’T DOWN’ banner on Sunday is inclement weather,” says Generation Jaguar on the GoFundMe page. As kickoff is scheduled for 4:25 p.m., there’s a possibility for thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon.


But if the weather holds, the banner will fly.

“The banner will fly for at least 1 hour prior to kickoff, but the more we raise, the longer we can fly.”