Josh McDaniels took the Patriots offense to task for its early struggles

The Patriots' struggles on offense had the coordinator in an animated state on the sideline.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels chats with Tom Brady on the sidelines against the Texans.

Josh McDaniels’s face turned red as he roared at his offense. The Patriots labored to move the ball against the Jacksonville Jaguars defense in the first half on Sunday, and those struggles — combined with the searing Florida heat, perhaps — had the offensive coordinator in an animated state on the New England sideline.

After the first quarter, Tom Brady and his teammates had failed to alter the zero on the scoreboard they started with. The quarterback was 4 of 8 for 51 yards, and the rushing attack was making no more headway.

McDaniels gathered his troops before the second quarter began, twisting to and fro as he delivered his message.


If the Patriots were inspired by his words, they didn’t show it until their last possession of the half. Brady led the offense on a 16-play, 83-yard drive that concluded with a Stephen Gostowski field goal at the 2:45 mark. Of course, Blake Bortles and the Jaguars immediately replied with a two-minute drill and seven points of their own.

Sunday wasn’t the first time McDaniels has made his opinion known on the Patriots sideline.