The little things added up to a ‘s*****’ feeling for Tom Brady and the Patriots

"You have a bad day against a good team, I mean, that’s a recipe for losing."

Tom Brady
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leaves the field after losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars. –AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton

Tom Brady knows it could have been different. A missed opportunity here, a blown play there, and suddenly time’s up and the scoreboard’s not in your favor.

“It’s a lot of little things,” the Patriots quarterback noted after his team’s 31-20 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars. “But little things all add up and they add up to a loss and it feels s***** for all of us.”

For Brady, the defeat was less about the sweltering heat — “I actually don’t think it was that bad” — and more about his team’s failure to execute when it counted — “They executed well. We didn’t. I think it’s really that simple.”


The Patriots’ offense sputtered early on its way to a 21-3 halftime deficit. Brady was visibly frustrated on the New England sidelines and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels shared his frustrations. After the game, No. 12 noted that the team had talked about getting off to a fast start, but couldn’t string enough positive plays together and soon fell behind against a talented Jacksonville team.

“[The Jaguars] just really limit your yards after catch and they’re very sound,” Brady said. “It’s relatively a more simple scheme but I think those are some of the best defenses because they’re very fundamentally sound. They forced us to drive it and we just weren’t able to do it.”

The Jaguars held tight end Rob Gronkowski to two receptions for 15 yards, a far cry from his usual production. Brady pointed to the blanket coverage Jacksonville used against his favorite target, adding “we just never connected the way we need to.”

Brady kept the Week 2 defeat in perspective. He sounded ready to return to practice, learn from the bad day at the office, and keep making that progress. After 18 NFL seasons, the 41-year-old knows September and October are about making improvements.

“But you got to try and win in the meantime, and today obviously wasn’t good enough.”