Josh McDaniels on head coaching rumors: ‘I don’t really worry about the future’

McDaniels has been included in the conversations for both the Packers' and Browns' openings.

Josh McDaniels
Josh McDaniels. –AP Photo/Chris Cecere

It’s December in the NFL, so the first head coaching opportunities are starting to become available. The Browns and now the Packers are finishing the season under interim head coaches, and both spots should be desirable openings in the coming months.

The name of Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been floated for both openings, as it likely will be for any good head job that becomes available, but McDaniels said Tuesday that his focus is on the Patriots, not his next steps.

“I don’t really worry about the future,’’ McDaniels said. “Honestly, each week is a tremendous challenge.’’


After last season, McDaniels had verbally agreed — and it had been announced publicly — to become head coach of the Indianapolis Colts before he backtracked and decided to stay with the Patriots, who gave him a lucrative contract extension in the 11th hour.

Roughly 10 months later, it doesn’t seem like that sequence of events should hurt McDaniels when it comes to landing another head coaching job, if that’s what he wants.

On Tuesday, McDaniels kept his answers focused on the upcoming game against the Dolphins, but basically reiterated that he does want another head coaching opportunity sooner or later.

“If that’s in the cards for me, then that’s great,’’ he said. “I’ve said that before, but again I’m not worried about that right now.’’

McDaniels probably will have to worry about it soon, though. He’s an offensive-minded coach who has worked with a great quarterback, and that should be attractive to a team looking for someone to get the most out of Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, or someone else.