Donté Stallworth: ‘I think this is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen by Belichick’

The former Patriots wide receiver was stunned by the final play of Sunday's game.

8-16-2012: Foxborough, MA: Patriots WR Donte' Stallworth is pictured at today's workout.  The New England Patriots held a workout on the practice fields outside of Gillette Stadium this afternoon. section: sports
Former Patriots wide receiver Donté Stallworth is pictured at a workout in August 2012. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Bill Belichick isn’t usually the subject of harsh criticisms come Monday morning, but after the final play of what became the Patriots’ last-second loss to the Miami Dolphins Sunday, there are a lot of questions.

Among the doubters Sunday was former Patriot Donté Stallworth, who said the decision to keep Gronkowski on the field was “one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen by Belichick.”

Stallworth had two stints with New England, the longer of the two being the 16 games he played in 2007. The former wide receiver said he is “really puzzled by this” and that during his time with the Patriots, they’d use Randy Moss in Gronk’s position, but only in “actual Hail Mary situations.”


He argued that, at the 30-yard line, the play was not in Hail Mary territory and opting for Gronkowski over Devin McCourty cost the Patriots the game.

Stallworth’s criticisms, however, were in good spirits, and he jokingly responded to a fan that he’s just “disappointed to learn that Belichick is human and subsequently fallible.”