Stevan Ridley: ‘I am happy we got the win’

"God is good."

Stevan Ridley
Stevan Ridley carries the ball. –AP Photo/Don Wright

Stevan Ridley only played six offensive snaps Sunday against the Patriots, but the low usage rate didn’t matter to 29-year-old running back facing his former team.

Ridley, now with the Steelers, was fixated on one thing: the final score.

“I just wanted to get it done,” Ridley said after Pittsburgh’s 17-10 victory, via WEEI’s Ryan Hannable. “I am happy we got the win. God is good.”

Leading up to Sunday’s AFC matchup, Ridley was vocal about his desire to beat the Patriots, telling the Boston Herald‘s Kevin Duffy that he wanted “this game more than any other game.” After getting drafted by the Patriots in 2011, Ridley said he was “trashed” following his season-ending ACL tear the final year of rookie contract. He did not return to New England — a decision that stung.


“To be a starter for four years, to tear my ACL and never get a call back, that’s a tough pill to swallow,” he said earlier in the week.

Ridley told Hannable nobody from the Patriots reached out to him in the days following his pointed comments, which didn’t bother him.

“It’s always quiet,” he said. “I didn’t really want to hear from them anyway. We were focused on this, and we’re going to enjoy this one as a team.”