Morning sports update: Josh Gordon showed that he’s still rooting for Julian Edelman and the Patriots

Also: Danny Ainge's thoughts on the upcoming trade deadline, a Bill Belichick favorite weighs in on Rob Gronkowski, and more.

Tom Brady, Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon with the Patriots in October. –AP Photo/Steven Senne

The Patriots scored on their first four possessions against the Chargers in Sunday’s Divisional Round playoff game and never looked back. In the end, New England won 41-28, advancing to an eighth consecutive AFC Championship.

Bill Belichick’s team now travels to play the Chiefs next Sunday at 6:40 p.m. In the NFC, the Saints rallied to beat the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles, and now play the Rams in the NFC Championship.

Elsewhere, the Bruins and Celtics each play at 7:30 p.m. tonight. The Bruins host the Canadiens at TD Garden, while the Celtics head to Brooklyn to play the Nets.


Josh Gordon weighs in on the Patriots’ win: Since announcing that he was “stepping away” from football in December – and being subsequently suspended by the NFL for “violating the terms of his conditional reinstatement” – former Patriots receiver Josh Gordon hasn’t said much about his former team.

After the Patriots’ playoff win on Sunday, Gordon took to Instagram to cheer on Julian Edelman and the rest of his teammates.

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Danny Ainge talked about the upcoming trade deadline: Though it might feel like Feb. 7 is still a ways away, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is well aware of the NBA’s trade deadline.

“I don’t feel a need to have to do something. I like every guy on our team. I like our roster. There will be [trade] conversations, obviously. Every year it happens with every team. But we’ll only do something that makes sense.” [The Boston Globe]

Gronk the blocker: Boston Globe columnist Tara Sullivan spoke with former Giants tight end Mark Bavarro, who Bill Belichick – a former Giants defensive coordinator – regularly cites as a truly great player. Bavarro, a Massachusetts native, praised Rob Gronkowski’s contribution to the Patriots’ dominant rushing attack on Sunday.


“It was like the whole left side of the offensive side just walked it down past the goal line,” Bavarro said. “To take the whole left side of the defense and push them back into the end zone is pretty impressive for anybody. You just don’t see it anymore in the NFL today. I’ve always said he’s a good blocker, but I haven’t seen him block that much because the Pats don’t run the ball that much. That was very impressive.” [The Boston Globe]

Major League Baseball is really trying to get Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray to play baseball instead of football:

A current look at the standings for all-time playoff wins by a quarterback:

1. Tom Brady: 28

2. Joe Montana: 16

3. Terry Bradshaw: 14

4. John Elway: 14

5. Peyton Manning: 14

On this day: In 1999, Pedro Martinez sounded off on the departure of Mo Vaughn in free agency. The Red Sox ace didn’t see himself or Nomar Garciaparra replacing Vaughn’s leadership.

“He’s not such a big talker,” Martinez said of Garciaparra. “He really focuses on the game.”

“I really don’t like it,” said Martinez of taking a serious leadership role. “I’m a happy guy who keeps guys loose. I don’t like to have a serious face.”

Daily highlight: Julian Edelman highlighted a 151-yard performance with this catch in the fourth quarter.


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