Morning sports update: Tom Brady told teammates the Chargers ‘can’t stop us’ in mic’d up clip

"They will not be able to stop us today."

Tom Brady mic'd up Chargers playoffs
Tom Brady with his teammates in the fourth quarter of the Patriots' playoff win against the Chargers in Jan., 2019. –Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

The Bruins visit Philadelphia to play the Flyers tonight at 7:30 p.m., while the Celtics tip off at 8 p.m. against the Raptors at TD Garden.

The Patriots continue to prepare for the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs. The game will be played this Sunday at 6:40 p.m. at Arrowhead Stadium.

Listen to the mic’d up Patriots: One of the enjoyable aspects of the NFL playoffs can be savoring a win days afterward. NFL Films helps with this, given its wide-ranging mic’d up soundbites that get released. For the Patriots, the league recorded a few interesting clips.


A few of Julian Edelman’s pleasant interactions were highlighted:

And in a lengthier clip, the Patriots showcased a few in-game quotes from players and coaches. Tom Brady was heard encouraging his offense during the team’s fast start.

“They can’t stop us,” Brady told his teammates on the sideline. “They will not be able to stop us today.”

Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia gave a calm assessment as his players were in the midst of an impressive performance.

“Our work’s not done,” said Scarnecchia. “Every play we have to outwork these guys. You’ve done that, but it ain’t over.”

And defensively, Bill Belichick lauded his pass rushers on the sideline for their forceful and intelligent pursuit of Philip Rivers.

“Nice pressure, good job on the blitz,” Belichick told his defense. “Hey, that’s what you do. [Rivers] is just going to drift away from you, and throw it out. Just don’t hit him in the head.”

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The Red Sox are set for a Feb. 15 White House visit: After a period of speculation about whether or not the World Series champions would visit President Donald Trump’s White House, the team indicated in early December that it would indeed make the trip. The date is now reportedly set for Feb. 15, according to the Boston Globe’s Peter Abraham.


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Richard Jefferson had something to say to a group of Boston fans: Former swingman Richard Jefferson paused earlier this week prior to a Celtics-Nets matchup to have a quick chat with a few Boston fans. Jefferson, who is now retired from playing and is working as a commentator for the Nets, technically had two things to say, even if he said it was just one.

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“I just want to say one thing about Boston,” Jefferson said. “You guys have great fans. Boston fans are some of the best in the league.”

He then added a nice (if slightly inaccurate) parting shot.

“And two,” Jefferson joked, “I’m 4-0 against Boston in the playoffs.”

The Patriots’ attempt at the 10-year challenge:

On this day: In 1970, Major League Baseball player Curt Flood filed suit in New York federal court against the league, on the grounds that the reserve clause – which prevented players from having freedom of movement between teams unless traded – violated antitrust laws, as well as the 13th amendment.

Flood, then just 31, had been traded by the Cardinals to the Phillies, but wanted to instead become a free agent. His legal fight went all the way to the Supreme Court, where he lost 5-3 in 1972. However, Flood’s historic effort was not in vain. In 1973, thanks in part to the attention brought by Flood, salary arbitration was negotiated into MLB’s collective bargaining agreement. And in 1975, an arbitrator declared the reserve clause dead, paving the way for free agency.


And in 2002, Chelsea striker Gianfranco Zola scored on one of the best finishes possible from a corner kick.

Daily highlight: The Warriors set an NBA record on Tuesday night, scoring 51 points in the first quarter of a 142-111 win. Steph Curry was still going strong in the third quarter, nailing a three against the Nuggets “from Colorado Springs.”