Patriots survive a scare when replay overturns call

Kansas City quickly regained possession two plays later.

The Patriots caught a big break in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Trailing 17-14 with eight minutes and 47 seconds remaining, the Kansas City Chiefs punted on fourth and 8 at their own 27-yard line. Wide receiver Julian Edelman, back near New England’s 30-yard line, appeared to muff the kick as it bounced through his arms. Chiefs wide receiver Gehrig Dieter recovered the ball, and referees ruled Kansas City possession because the ball looked like it touched Edelman’s fingertips or forearm. Upon review, however, officials overturned the call because the ball did not make contact with Edelman.


“I didn’t touch it,” Edelman said after New England’s 37-31 overtime win. “I didn’t think I was that close. Thank God it took a short hop on me and I don’t play baseball. I didn’t touch it.”

Kansas City quickly regained possession two plays later when a pass from Tom Brady bounced off Edelman’s fingertips into the arms of safety Daniel Sorenson.

“I always preach you got to have a short memory, whether it’s good or bad,” said Edelman, who finished with a team-high seven catches on 10 targets for 96 yards. “That was a bad play — awful — but you got to move on. You got to look forward to the next time your number’s called.”


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