Everyone, including Tony Romo, made the same ‘ball don’t lie’ joke after Daniel Sorensen’s interception

The announcer indirectly paid tribute to former Celtic Rasheed Wallace.

Daniel Sorensen intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter.
Daniel Sorensen intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter. –Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Former Celtic Rasheed Wallace may be retired from the NBA, but his legacy lives on – even on the football field.

When Kansas City Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen intercepted a Tom Brady pass that deflected off Julian Edelman’s fingertips in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s AFC Championship game, color commentator Tony Romo’s mind immediately went to Wallace’s catchphrase “ball don’t lie.”

“They have a saying in basketball, the ball doesn’t lie,” Romo said. “It was going to eventually go back to the Chiefs. This ball goes right through the fingertips of Edelman.”

The comment was a reference to a previous sequence, when Edelman came astonishingly close to grazing a bouncing ball on a punt. Initially, the refs said he touched it, but eventually they overturned the call and said he didn’t.


Romo, who also compared the Chiefs to the Golden State Warriors multiple times earlier in the game, is clearly a basketball fan. His reaction quickly spread around Twitter, but he wasn’t alone.