Tom Brady after AFC Championship: ‘I’ve been swearing too much the last 30 minutes’

"Back to the f****** Super Bowl."

Tom Brady
Tom Brady celebrates with cornerback Stephon Gilmore after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. –AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

After dropping at least three F-bombs following the Patriots’ 37-31 overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, quarterback Tom Brady decided it was time to watch his language.

“Sony [Michel] ran his butt off,” Brady told reporters after the game. “Rex [Burkhead] ran his butt off. I’ve been swearing too much the last 30 minutes, so I’m trying to cut back for a little bit.”

Before taking the podium to address the media, Brady uttered a trio of profanities that were all caught on camera.

“What a f****** game,” he said to coach Bill Belichick, as the pair embraced immediately following the game-winning touchdown. “What a great f****** game.”


While still on the field speaking to CBS sideline reporter Evan Washburn, Brady also said it feels “un-f******-believable” to be going back to the Super Bowl. Later in the locker room with owner Robert Kraft, he expressed a similar sentiment.

“Back to the f****** Super Bowl,” he told Kraft. “I love you, man.”

As evidenced by his docu-series, “Tom vs. Time,” the 41-year-old certainly isn’t one to censor himself. But he had plenty of reason to let loose Sunday. Against the Chiefs, Brady threw for 348 yards and a touchdown en route to his third straight Super Bowl berth. The Patriots jumped out to a 14-0 lead but had to fend off Kansas City’s second-half comeback before sealing the deal on the first drive of extra time.

“That was probably as excited as I’ve been in a long time,” Brady said.