Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker are going to the Super Bowl

"Hopefully it doesn’t come down to the last play of the game," Walsh said. "But if it does, I hope Tom Brady has the ball."

Mayor Marty Walsh, right, at a Patriots sendoff rally in 2015.
Mayor Walsh, right, at a Patriots sendoff rally in 2015. –David L Ryan/Globe Staff

Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker are going to the Super Bowl.

Walsh, a longtime season-ticket holder, told reporters Friday he plans to head to Atlanta on Sunday morning to watch the Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams before heading back to Boston on Monday.

Sunday will be the first time Walsh takes in a Super Bowl from the stands as mayor, but it’s hardly his first.

“I went to the Rams one, the first one we won,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to get tickets for that, and it was amazing, and I went to the second Giants Super Bowl that we lost.”


Just don’t expect him to make any predictions on this game.

“No wagers, no predictions, just 60 minutes of football, hopefully no overtime, and hopefully it doesn’t come down to the last play of the game,” Walsh said at a press conference on the city’s preparations. “But if it does, I hope Tom Brady has the ball.”

Baker will also be attending with three friends, according to WBZ.

As for his own predictions, Baker — who attended the Super Bowls in 2004 and 2008 — was more brazen.

“The New England Patriots are going to win,” he said Wednesday. “That’s my Super Bowl prediction. I don’t know by how much. I don’t know how. I don’t know what the score’s going to be. But they’re going to win because they win games like that. That’s why they’re going to win.”

Predictions aside, Walsh and other officials gathered Friday to remind residents and fans to take in the game safely and to act responsibly.

Several streets in the Kenmore Square area will be closed to traffic between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m., including Brookline Avenue between Beacon Street and Pilgrim Road, as well as both sides of Commonwealth Avenue from the Boston University Bridge to Massachusetts Avenue, according to authorities.


Parking restrictions will also be in place Sunday near Northeastern University, Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall, and North Station as well as sections of Brighton and Harvard avenues in Allston.

“We have a full call up for the Boston Police Department. All of our districts will be covered,” Police Commissioner William Gross said. “All the areas of Boston will be covered, including downtown.”

Gross said police have also been in contact with local colleges and universities. Extra patrols will be on the streets where crowds are known to gather following major games, officials said.

“Whatever the outcome of the game, be smart … win or lose, it doesn’t matter,” Walsh said. “It’s a game, and, you know, if it comes down to a bad call, we’ve seen that. Let’s act responsibly.”