The Patriots are heavily featured in this year’s edition of ‘Bad Lip Reading’

Bill Belichick to a referee: "It's an honor to meet you, my lord."

Head coach Bill Belichick is featured in this year's version of "Bad Lip Reading." –Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Every year, “Bad Lip Reading” takes dozens of seemingly trivial moments from the NFL season and transforms them into something absolutely ludicrous.

The video features snippets from interviews, exchanges on the sideline, and other interactions, and it tweaks what was actually said into a product far more preposterous.

This year’s version, “NFL 2019,” which surfaced Friday night, features plenty of Patriots in prominent roles.

At the 41-second mark, head coach Bill Belichick turns to a referee and says: “It’s an honor to meet you, my lord,” before bowing.

Fourteen seconds later, running back James White faces the camera in pre-game introductions and proclaims: “I’m crying on the inside” in a voice that’s far from his own.


Later on, 2:32 into the clip, quarterback Tom Brady has his moment of fame (there’s a first for everything, right?). “I’m an icon,” he says, before offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels chimes in by saying, “Oh no, it’s happening.”

Brady then goes off in a segmented monologue of sorts that lasts 14 seconds: “Stop standing.” “Stop drinking.” “Poke his eye.” I’m the star.” “OK, he’s a spy.” “You’re gonna die.” “Ow.” 

About five minutes later, at 7:24, Brady answers a question from sideline reporter Evan Washburn asking him if he was good at math in school.

“Eleven over eight, carry the seven, all that stuff,” Brady said. “But you know, I don’t know about pi or nothing like that.”