Steve Kerr on the Patriots: ‘It just gets old watching the same team win the whole thing’

"They're a machine."

Steve Kerr
Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. –AP Photo/David Zalubowski

As Steve Kerr answered a reporter’s question about the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory, he tried to deadpan but couldn’t keep a straight face.

“It just gets old watching the same team win the whole thing,” the Golden State Warriors head coach said. “Sorry, that was really arrogant, wasn’t it? It was kind of fun to say that.”

Kerr’s Warriors, of course, have had a similar affect on viewers who’ve watched them appear in four-straight NBA Finals and capture three titles. Golden State is chasing three-in-a-row this season, with four All-Stars on board and DeMarcus Cousins returning to form.


Kerr used New England’s performance Sunday as an example for improving his star-studded outfit.

“I told our team today, ‘Look at the Patriots. They just never make a mistake,” he said. “In a game when they don’t have it clicking offensively, they can still win because they’re just on point. They’re buttoned up. They’re just rock solid week after week after week.”

The 53-year-old, who won five championships as a player before moving to the coaching ranks, noted that mistake-free point is where the Warriors want to be. Kerr recognized Golden State cut down on turnovers in recent games, which has helped them to 12 wins in their past 13 games. However, he added there’s always an area to be worked on.

“When we get to that point, with our talent, I like our chances,” Kerr said. “Just because you’re not beating yourself. So that was a good example of that yesterday, watching New England do what they do. They’re a machine.”