Watch Tom Brady and Julian Edelman battle with lightsabers

Brady went for Edelman's face, Edelman recovered, and Brady avoided the sack.

Typically, when Julian Edelman fakes one direction and then quickly darts the other way, a football comes flying toward his face and right into his hands.

That’s what happened Sunday, as the Patriots wide receiver racked up 10 receptions for 141 yards en route to his first Super Bowl MVP award. The next day, though, there was an entirely different object zooming his way: a lightsaber. That lightsaber came from the same source in quarterback Tom Brady, and Brady’s intentions were a smidgen more malicious than usual.

Brady and Edelman, as part of their celebratory jaunt to Disney World on Monday, faced off in a lighthearted lightsaber battle. Brady flaunted his skills by starting with his right hand, switching to his left, scrambling outside the pocket, and nearly poking Edelman’s eye out.


“Oh, I almost got you in the face,” Brady said.

Edelman retreated, gathered up momentum, and went for Brady’s feet, but Brady nimbly avoided the sack.

They also enjoyed the rides, saluted fans, and enthusiastically counted to six to highlight a busy day.