Tom Brady posted a celebratory Instagram video with Rob Gronkowski after winning the Super Bowl

"Guess who's back?"

Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski
–Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski apparently did their talking on the field during Super Bowl LIII, as after their 13-3 victory the Patriots’ stars appeared content with say-it-all smiles.

Brady posted an Instagram video early Monday morning with Gronkowski alongside. In the video, Brady wears a playful smile while Gronkowski gives the camera an almost apologetic shrug. The pair are nodding along to Eminem’s “Without Me” as the rapper repeats, “Guess who’s back?”

The video cuts to cornerback Stephon Gilmore’s timely interception, before revealing the final score and an overview of the trophy presentation captioned “Still Here…” and “To Be Continued…”


Brady posted a similar video after the Patriots clinched a Super Bowl berth with a win over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.