Tom Brady left a voice message for teen with cancer who couldn’t attend Super Bowl, family says

Seeing the Patriots play in the Super Bowl was on Jake Silver’s bucket list, but he was forced to miss it when he was hospitalized in Atlanta.

The family of an Ashland teen who has cancer says the 18-year-old got a special message from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this week after he couldn’t attend the Super Bowl due to his health.

Jake Silver’s mom shared on Facebook that her son, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma three years ago, got a voice message from the Super Bowl champion on Wednesday morning.

In an interview with WCVB from Atlanta before the game, the 18-year-old said that if the Patriots won, he’d buy Brady, who is his favorite player, lunch.

Silver began putting together a bucket list, which included seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl and meeting Brady, after he was told he had three to six months to live, according to NBC10 Boston. The surrounding communities rallied around him, fundraising to help the former high school kicker complete the list.


Donations helped send Silver and his family to Atlanta to see the big game, but on Sunday morning his mother said they had to rush him to the emergency room when they couldn’t wake him up. He needed a blood transfusion and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The family gave their tickets to nurses who cared for Silver in the emergency room and watched the game from the intensive care unit.

Jake Silver’s family said he listened to a voicemail message from Tom Brady on Wednesday. —Courtesy Melissa Duca

“As you can imagine, Jake is angry, upset, disappointed, frustrated and just wants to go home,” his mother, Melissa Duca, wrote on Monday.

The family returned home on Tuesday.

“As most of you know, Jake hates hospitals,” Duca wrote on Wednesday. “While he is in them he is nasty, angry, scared and doesn’t eat. Today he is home and is delightful and is eating me out of house and home and is in much better spirits. It didn’t hurt that Tom Brady left him a voice message this morning!”

She said that the family will take a trip to see the ocean from Old Orchard Beach in Maine and “cross another thing” off Silver’s bucket list.  

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