It appears Tom Brady is getting better at skiing

Maybe studying the Lindsey Vonn tape paid off?

Tom Brady, as has been thoroughly chronicled by now, is a self-made football superstar. He didn’t enter the NFL as a highly-touted draft pick, and has regularly won over rivals through his work ethic.

With that in mind, is it a surprise that Brady seems to be improving in another athletic endeavor? The 41-year-old Patriots quarterback has continued his hobby of skiing in the last few years. Recently, following his sixth Super Bowl win in February, Brady and his family went to Montana for a ski trip.

Beforehand, Brady utilized one of his tried and tested methods of self-improvement: film study. He broke down video of his 2017 fall after skiing off a jump (a moment that terrified Brady’s celebrity friends and Patriots fans alike). He then compared his failed jump to footage of Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal run in the downhill during the 2010 Olympics:


“I’ve actually been studying Lindsey,” Brady explained. “And she’s just got a way bigger hill, way more speed and she’s perfectly balanced.”

Brady’s conclusions probably sent a jolt of fear through Patriots fans.

“Way bigger hill,” said Brady. “Way more speed. That’s what it’s got to be.”

Vonn commented on Brady’s conclusion.

“Dude,” wrote the three-time Olympic medalist, “this is pretty awesome. Pro tip – stay balanced over your skis.”

On Thursday, Brady posted another video on Instagram, skiing some “downhill” with his two sons.

“Now we just need to find the jump,” Brady wrote in the caption.

Brady isn’t the only Patriots quarterback to have an affinity for skiing. Drew Bledsoe is an avid skier, and recalled in 2017 a time when his successor in New England wasn’t so good on the slopes.

“We were up there, our family was in Montana skiing and Tommy was up there with his family,” Bledsoe explained. “I made a couple of turns with him. But this was like two or three years ago, and he was really awful then.”

Jokes aside, Bledsoe correctly predicted how not only would Brady improve with time, but that he would get passed by his children on the slopes.


“He’s absolutely going to get lapped by his kids,” said Bledsoe of his early ski experience with Brady. “I know how that goes [laughs], because they start early and they just skyrocket. But I think he’s getting a lot better. He’s obviously a great athlete and he’s going to figure it out. But at the time, he wasn’t very good and I didn’t have the patience to go teach him.”