Paparazzi grilled him outside a restaurant, but Bill Belichick never budged

They asked him about Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and plenty more, but he stayed quiet.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick is preparing for another season with the Patriots. –Charlie Riedel / AP File Photo

Bill Belichick is accustomed to choosing his words carefully.

The Patriots head coach will occasionally offer a lengthy response when grilled with a series of questions, but he typically prefers to keep his answers short and concise.

In a recent TMZ Sports video, tweeted Friday night by NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, Belichick took that close-mouthed approach to a new level. No matter how many questions the paparazzi asked him, he simply stayed quiet.

The inquiries ranged from Tom Brady’s recent ski trip to the Robert Kraft saga to potential challengers to the Patriots this season. Belichick, who was with his girlfriend, Linda Holliday, outside Craig’s in West Hollywood, occasionally smirked and nodded. For the most part, however, he stared into the distance and ignored the questions.


Here’s a sampling of the questions and statements directed his way:

“Were you worried about Tom’s skiing at all, Bill?”

“Is Tom unbreakable, or what?”

“You look amazing, brother. How do you feel?”

“Any new recruits for the team?”

“Anything with Bob Kraft, or…?”

“You look very good.”

Holliday chimed in at that point: “He’s looking sharp, isn’t he?”

“He’s looking super sharp.”

Belichick, who was wearing a gray jacket and white shirt, seemed to appreciate the comment, but he stayed quiet.

“What do you think about Robert Kraft and all? Is he gonna be all right? Should he take the plea deal?”

“What team do you fear this year to give you a challenge?”

“You think the Rams are gonna give you a challenge?”

“You think Odell Beckham is gonna be good?”

When he walked away, one of the members of the paparazzi offered a last-minute burn about Belichick’s lack of autograph signing.

“Tom Brady signs,” she said.

An unperturbed Belichick simply tipped the valet, got back in his car, and shut the door.