Tom Brady holds these 54 NFL records

He's the only player in NFL history to win four Super Bowl MVP awards and owns an arsenal of other records in addition.

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Tom Brady holds a lot of records. The Associated Press

Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVP awards, and has won NFL MVP honors three times. 2019 will be Brady’s 20th NFL season, making him one of the longest-tenured players in league history.

Brady’s illustrious career has earned him plenty more records along the way.

Here are 54 records Brady holds, according to the Patriots’ final press release from the 2018 NFL season:

  • Most career wins by a starting quarterback (including playoffs): 245 wins
  • Most games over .500 (including playoffs): Brady’s all-time 245-70-0 record puts him at 192 wins over .500.
  • Most wins by an NFL player (including playoffs): Brady’s all-time 245 wins put him nine wins ahead of Colts kicker (and former Patriot) Adam Vinatieri.
  • Most regular-season wins by a starting quarterback: 215 wins
  • Most wins as a starting quarterback for one team: 215 wins
  • Most division titles by a starting quarterback: 16 titles
  • Most consecutive division titles by a starting quarterback: 10 (2009-18)
  • Most wins by a quarterback after trailing by 10+ points since 2000 (including playoffs): 32 wins
  • Winningest coach/quarterback tandem: Brady/Belichick, 215 wins and .782 winning percentage
  • Most wins by a starting quarterback through first 200 starts: 155 wins
  • Best record in first 100 starts in home games: 87-13, achieved on Oct. 26, 2014
  • Best record in home games, regular-season (minimum 40 starts): 119-18-0
  • Best record in home games (including playoffs): 139-21-0
  • Only NFL quarterback with 100 wins in one stadium: 113 wins at Gillette Stadium
  • Most career wins in road games: 96 wins on the road
  • Most December wins in NFL history: 60 wins in December
  • Most wins by a starting quarterback against a single opponent: 31 wins against the Bills, 29 against the Jets
  • Most interconference wins (since 1970): 57 interconference wins
  • All-time touchdown pass leader (including playoffs): 603 touchdowns, set on Dec. 9, 2018
  • Most touchdown passes with one team (including playoffs): 603 touchdowns
  • All-time total passing yards leader (including playoffs): 83,944 yards
  • All-time leader, total yards (including playoffs): 85,151 yards
  • Best touchdown-to-interception ratio among quarterbacks with 400 touchdowns: 3.02
  • Best touchdown-to-interception ratio in a single season: 14.0, 2016 season (28 touchdowns, 2 interceptions)
  • Most starts under one head coach: 275 career starts under Bill Belichick
  • Brady and Brett Favre are the only quarterbacks in NFL history to appear in 300+ career games.
  • Most career NFL Player of the Week awards: 30
  • Most games with four or more touchdowns and no interceptions: 23 games
  • Most games with three or more touchdowns and no interceptions: 58 games
  • Best record in games with 50 or more pass attempts (including playoffs): 19-9-0
  • Most touchdown targets by an NFL quarterback: 73 different players have caught touchdown passes from Brady. (Set on Oct. 4, 2018)
  • Most wins by a 40-year-old quarterback in the Super Bowl era (2017 season)
  • Most touchdowns by a 40-year-old quarterback in a season: 32 touchdowns, 2017 season
  • Oldest quarterback to lead the NFL in passing: 4,577 yards, 2017 season
  • Most passing yards in one season by a quarterback over 40: 4,577 yards, 2017 season
  • Most games started in which the quarterback’s team scored at least 50 points: eight games
  • When Brady caught a six-yard pass from Julian Edelman against the Titans on Nov. 11, 2018, he joined Jerry Rice as the only 41-year-olds in NFL history with a reception.

Postseason-only records:

  • Most postseason touchdown passes: 73 touchdowns
  • Most touchdown passes in a single postseason game: Six touchdowns (achieved on Jan. 14, 2012, against the Broncos)
  • Most postseason passing yards, all-time: 11,179 yards
  • Most postseason completions, all-time: 1,005 completions
  • Most postseason 300-yard passing games, all-time: 16 games
  • Most Super Bowl victories, all-time: 6 wins
  • Most Super Bowl MVP awards: Four MVP awards (Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, LI)
  • Most playoff wins by a starting quarterback, all-time: 30 playoff wins
  • Most playoff starts by a quarterback, all-time: 40 starts
  • Brady is the all-time leader in Super Bowl passing yards (2,576), completions (256), pass attempts (392), and touchdowns (18).
  • Most Super Bowl starts by all NFL players, all-time: Nine starts
  • Most conference championships by a starting quarterback in Super Bowl era (since 1966): Nine AFC championships
  • Most conference championships by a quarterback-coach tandem: Brady and Bill Belichick have won all nine of Brady’s AFC championships together.
  • Most consecutive completions in Super Bowl history: 16 straight passes completed in Super Bowl XLVI against the Giants.
  • Most conference championship appearances, all-time: 13 AFC championship appearances.
  • Most postseason games played, all-time: 40 games
  • Most three-touchdown pass postseason games: 11 games

Records Brady is tied for: 

  • Most seasons with 35+ touchdown passes: Four (tied with four others)
  • Most touchdown passes in a single postseason game: Six touchdowns, tied with two others (achieved on Jan. 14, 2012, against the Broncos)