Turns out Tom Brady doesn’t even like the nickname ‘Tom Terrific’

Brady said he meant no disrespect to former Mets pitcher Tom Seaver, who is popularly known by that name.

Matthew Slater (left) and Tom Brady (right) participated in minicamp at Gillette Stadium this week.

FOXBOROUGH – Many New Yorkers and baseball fans were none too happy with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this week when he trademarked the nickname “Tom Terrific,’’ the same nickname as former Mets great Tom Seaver, who is now battling dementia.

But Brady said on Thursday after the Patriots’ final minicamp practice that the issue was a big mix-up. It turns out Brady dislikes the nickname, and only wanted to trademark it so that no one else could associate the nickname with him.

“It’s unfortunate. I was actually trying to do something because I didn’t like the nickname, and I want to make sure no one used it because some people wanted to use it,’’ Brady said at Gillette Stadium. “I was trying to keep people from using it, and then it got spun around to something different than what it was.’’


“Good lesson learned, and try to do things a little different in the future.’’

Brady said he meant no disrespect to Seaver, 74, and has no plans of commercializing the nickname.

“It was something I was not trying to do out of any disrespect or ill manner or anything like that,’’ Brady said. “I didn’t want people associating me with that, because that was something that I didn’t want to have happened. I don’t like the nickname.’’