Morning sports update: Joe Namath explained why he thinks Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time

"I would have to say he's the best at answering the challenge that ever was."

Tom Brady
Tom Brady at Patriots minicamp in 2019. –Steven Senne / AP

The Red Sox mounted a late comeback on Monday night to beat the White Sox in a 6-5 walk-off win. Marco Hernandez, who has battled through his share of adversity, legged out an infield single to achieve the victory.

And the United States won against Spain 2-1 in the World Cup round of 16. The Americans were tested in a way that they hadn’t been previously in the tournament, but found a way to survive and advance. On Friday, the U.S. faces host nation France in what will be an epic showdown of two of the best teams in the world.


Joe Namath unequivocally believes that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever: Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath freely admitted that the quarterback of the rival Patriots is the greatest to ever play the position.

“Tom is the best,” Namath said. “I’ve been asked that question for many years. Johnny [Unitas] was my hero, Otto Graham was great, slingin’ Sammy Baugh, I could go back. But meantime, Tom has been challenged more in recent history with huge games certainly than anyone I recollect, and he’s stepped up every time.”

Stern then asked Namath point blank if Brady is the best of all time.

“I would have to say he’s the best at answering the challenge that ever was,” Namath said, conclusively.

Trivia: The Red Sox won in a walk-off on Monday night. What retired slugger holds the MLB record for most walk-off home runs of all time?

(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: He played the first 12 seasons of his career in Cleveland and is eighth on the all-time home run list.

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Rich Eisen thinks Sony Michel could threaten the single-season rushing record for the Patriots: Filling in for Peter King in the weekly column, “Football Morning in America,” NFL Network’s Rich Eisen speculated that Patriots running back Sony Michel is primed for a “monster” year in 2019:

I think, that said, Sony Michel is going to have a monster season for the Patriots. As in threaten-the-single-season-team rushing-record monster season. Lost amongst another historic performance by Tom Brady, Michel’s playoff numbers were through the roof—336 rushing yards and seven total touchdowns in three games. With Gronk swearing he’s not coming back, I’m thinking New England will lean on Michel, who had 931 rushing yards in 13 games (but just eight starts) last year. The Patriots team record for most rushing yards in a season isn’t held by Curtis Martin, by the way. It’s Corey Dillon who ran for 1,645 yards on 345 carries in New England’s Super Bowl season of 2004. Keep this in mind. Just sayin’.


Tom Brady and Huey Lewis played golf together:

One camper at Marcus Smart’s YGC Hoops Academy played the sequence of his young career: “Oh no.”

On this day: In 1999, Nomar Garciaparra and Mark Portugal taped Pedro Martinez to a pole in the Red Sox dugout. Luckily, no line drives were hit in their direction.

Daily highlight: Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl made a world class stop on a second half penalty kick to preserve her team’s 1-0 lead in the World Cup round of 16 on Monday. Sweden advanced over Canada and will play Germany in the quarterfinals.

Trivia answer: Jim Thome