Tedy Bruschi suffers second stroke

"Tedy is recovering well."

Tedy Bruschi 2019 Boston Marathon
Tedy Bruschi crosses the finish line of the 2019 Boston Marathon. –John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke Thursday afternoon, his foundation, Tedy’s Team, announced in a statement Friday. 

According to the statement, Bruschi, 46, had a transient ischemic attack, which is a stroke that lasts only a few minutes due to temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain. Bruschi, who now works as an ESPN analyst, is “recovering well,” per his family. 

“He recognized his warning signs immediately: arm weakness, face drooping, and speech difficulties,” read the statement.   

Bruschi also suffered a stroke in February 2005. Through Tedy’s Team, he has raised over $5 million for stroke and heart disease research.


Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement Friday that the organization extends its “love, thoughts and prayers to Tedy and the Bruschi family.”