‘It’s helped me out a lot’: Stephon Gilmore described how practicing against Tom Brady makes him a better player

The cornerback is entering his third season with the Patriots.

Foxborough, MA - 11/4/2018 The New England Patriots Stephen Gilmore holding up the ball after recovering a fumble against the Green Bay Packers during fourth quarter action at Gillette Stadium. (Matthew J. Lee) Globe/Staff
Stephen Gilmore spoke to the media after training camp practice on Wednesday. –Matthew J. Lee - Globe/Staff

Stephen Gilmore is learning a thing or two by practicing against Tom Brady.

The Patriots cornerback spoke to the media after Wednesday’s training camp practice, and shared what he’s learned from Brady for the past two seasons. Gilmore had high praise for the Patriots QB.

“It’s helped me out a lot,” said Gilmore. “Just seeing his work ethic coming out here each and every day, making everybody better. I mean, he throws a great ball, so if you’re in the position to make a play on his ball, you can pretty much make a play on anybody’s ball. You know, we’re just trying to compete and get better each and every day just like everybody else.”


When asked what he’s specifically focuses on when working out with Brady and other quarterbacks after practices, Gilmore said he’d focused on tracking the ball.

“Those guys throw pretty balls, so just trying to track the ball in the air as much as I can so I can come down with [it].”

Gilmore had a successful season last year and was ranked second in the NFL with 20 pass deflections. He also was voted No. 22 on the NFL’s player-voted “Top 100” list for 2019, making him the highest-ranked cornerback on the list.

When asked about the ranking, Gilmore also said he is focused on the task at hand: preparing for this upcoming season.

 “It’s a good accomplishment, but it’s a new year,” he said. “That’s the type of person I am. I try to prove myself every year. Nobody cares about last year. If you don’t do it this year, if you don’t come out and work this year, you’re not going to be a good player this year.