Tom Brady shared his feelings about his new helmet

"I wish it was lighter."

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady pulls on his helmet during a combined NFL football training camp with the Tennessee Titans Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
Tom Brady pulls on his helmet during a joint practice against the Tennessee Titans. –(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has moved on to a new helmet, but the change is still an ongoing adjustment.

“You get used to one thing, one feel,” Brady told NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran during a recent episode of the “Quick Slants” podcast. “This is a pound heavier, so it’s 25 percent heavier on your head. That takes a lot of getting used to. I wish it was lighter. I tried to make it lighter. They couldn’t make it lighter.”

Brady previously wore the Riddell VSR-4 for, in his words, “a long time.” The 42-year-old is one of several NFL players, including Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown, who have to change their helmets by the start of this season, as 10 styles were banned by the league for performing poorly in laboratory research testing impact severity. Brady experimented with the Riddell Precision Fit SpeedFlex during the start of last season, but he ultimately stuck with his Riddell VSR-4 starting in late November.


It sounds like Brady is still searching for a model he likes.

“I don’t really love the one that I’m in, but I don’t really have much of a choice,” Brady said recently on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show.” “You get used to the same helmet for a long period of time. My last helmet, I wore it the last four Super Bowls, so it was a pretty great helmet for me. I hated to put it on the shelf.”

One piece of equipment Brady will not have to stow away are his shoulder pads. Although some have encouraged him to switch to other pads, Brady said he’s stuck with the same pair he’s worn since arriving at Michigan as a freshman in 1995.

“I’ve worn them for 25 years,” Brady said. “They’ve gotten reconditioned a little bit, but I think once you find something you like, you kinda stick with it, and I’ve always kind of liked the way they felt, the shape of them.”