Tom Brady shared his thoughts on Carli Lloyd kicking in the NFL

"I think if you're good enough to do it and teams wanted to explore that then everyone should have an opportunity."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady commented on the discussion surrounding female athletes -- such as US women's soccer star Carli Lloyd -- playing in the NFL as a kicker. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A female kicker in the NFL? Tom Brady thinks if you’re good enough, it’s possible.

After a video was posted of women’s soccer player Carli Lloyd kicking a 55-yard field goal at a joint practice between the Eagles and Ravens, there’s been debate about whether women could play in the NFL at the kicker position and physically compete.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady weighed in on the conversation via WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show on Tuesday:

“I think if you’re good enough to do it and teams wanted to explore that then everyone should have an opportunity,” said Brady. “It’s a very highly competitive game and it’s hard to find good players. It’s hard to find good quarterbacks. It’s hard to find good coaches. It’s hard to find good linebackers. It’s certainly hard to find good kickers. It’s kind of, in a lot of ways, survival of the fittest. It goes back to a very archaic way, but football is a very difficult sport and because there’s a limited roster size you do give everyone a chance to make the team.”

“Everyone is trying to win games. The NFL is a very competitive landscape. I believe that the owners try to put the best people on the field in order to give their teams the best chance to win.”

Meanwhile, Lloyd told that two teams have reached out so far and it’s an opportunity she would consider:

“I know that there’s some challenges involved with this and I know that there’s probably some players, people, everybody around the [world] thinking that this is the craziest thing,” she said. “But, then I also see it from the women’s perspective of, maybe this is something that is going to break down some barriers and give people, women especially, the confidence to know that maybe they can be a part of an NFL team as a kicker.”

“I’m not trying to be a running back or a quarterback, that would be an epic fail, but I do know that I can kick a ball very well and I pride myself in my technique.”