Bill Belichick and the Patriots FaceTime’d new dad Kyle Van Noy after the Steelers win

"A new addition to the family."

Bill Belichick FaceTimes linebacker Kyle Van Noy.
Bill Belichick FaceTimes linebacker Kyle Van Noy. –Screenshot

How did the Patriots celebrate the first win of the season on Sunday? With hugs, high fives, a speech by Bill Belichick, and by welcoming a new addition to the Patriots family.


In a video posted by the Patriots on Twitter Tuesday, players and coaches exchanged countless “good jobs” and “let’s go baby’s” in the locker room after their 33-3 win over the Steelers. Meanwhile, Belichick happily announced the “new addition” to the Patriots family:  Kyle Van Noy’s son, Trae Ledgend Van Noy.

Smiling, Belichick held up a cell phone and showed the team what appears to be photo of Van Noy holding his son, to which they reacted with cheers and excitement. Patriots safety Devin McCourty, along with other members of the team, FaceTimed Van Noy afterwards to say congrats. McCourty even asked if him if could name his son Devin.

“Can we go with Devin?” McCourty asked repeatedly while laughing. Van Noy was inactive during the game against the Steelers as his son was being born, and on Monday, he shared a photo of Trae’s baby footprints on Instagram.

Aside from baby fever, Belichick reiterated that the team needs to stay consistent for their Week matchup against Miami.
“That’s a good start, that’s a way to play complementary football for sixty minutes,” he said in a postgame speech. “We had a good week of practice, we were ready to go…We’ve got to do the same thing this week. Make it like that every week and have good execution next Sunday in Miami. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us right there. Nice job fellas, congratulations.”
The Patriots-Dolphins game is Sunday at 1 p.m.
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