Morning sports update: Tom Brady responded to speculation that he was against releasing Antonio Brown

"Maybe one day I will be an owner and I can make all the decisions that I want, but I would probably have to play another 20 years in the NFL to be able to afford that."

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown at Patriots practice.
Tom Brady and Antonio Brown at Patriots practice. –Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The Red Sox lost to the Rays on Monday, 7-4. Bigger questions continue to linger regarding the future of the team.

The Patriots prepare to face the Bills on Sunday in Buffalo. Both teams have started a perfect 3-0 record.

And the Revolution head to Portland to play the Timbers at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday for another crucial game in the ongoing playoff chase.

Tom Brady weighed in on his influence regarding Antonio Brown: On Monday night, Tom Brady did his weekly interview with Jim Gray of Westwood One. Brady was asked about the initial report when New England signed Antonio Brown that he was “a million percent in.”


“Well, that was a private conversation that I wish had remained private,” said Brady. “The things that I’ve certainly learned that are out of my control — I don’t focus on those. I try to show up everyday to do the best job that I can do, which is to be a great leader to the football team, to embrace my teammates, the brotherhood that we have, the challenges that we face, and we try to overcome them, and try to become the best team we could be.

“And every team is faced with different adversities,” Brady continued. “Some teams are 0-3 at this time. Our team has dealt with its fair share in a short period of time, and we’re going to move forward and do the best we can do.”

Gray then asked Brady if there was any truth to the speculation that he was with Bill Belichick in not wanting to release Brown, but that Robert Kraft made the decision.

“Well I think there are always reports and speculations about a lot of things that I have said or have not said or been a part of,” Brady responded. “The reality is I don’t make any personnel decisions. I don’t decide to sign players. I don’t decide to trade then. I don’t decide to release them. I don’t decide to draft them. I don’t get asked, I show up and do my job. I’m an employee like everyone else. I’m going to show this week and do the best I can do as quarterback.


“Maybe one day I will be an owner and I can make all the decisions that I want,” Brady added, “but I would probably have to play another 20 years in the NFL to be able to afford that.”

Gray joked that Brady could potentially use Gisele Bundchen’s money as they are a “united couple,” but Brady pointed out that his wife has other plans.

“I think she’d probably put her money to something else,” said Brady. “She’s an environmentalist. She wants to put it toward conservation.”

Trivia: The last time the Bills beat the Patriots in Buffalo was Sept. 25, 2011. Who was the Bills quarterback that day?

(Answer at the bottom.)

Hint: He recently set a record for throwing a touchdown pass with his eighth different team, the most in NFL history.

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