Here’s what Antonio Brown has said on Twitter the past few days

The former Patriots wide receiver had arguments with Eric Weddle and Baker Mayfield this week.

Antonio Brown played one game with the Patriots before being released.
Antonio Brown played one game with the Patriots before being released. –Brynn Anderson/AP Photo

The Patriots released Antonio Brown last Friday, but the mercurial wide receiver is still making headlines on social media.

Brown’s ongoing social media saga continued this week when he sparred with current NFL players, Eric Weddle and Baker Mayfield, on Twitter.

It all stemmed from this tweet Thursday afternoon, in which Brown referenced a Lil Wayne song.

New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate, confused with the post, responded, and prompted the Los Angeles Rams safety Weddle to chime in.

After a Twitter user took a jab at Weddle, he responded with a clever comeback. Brown responded to Weddle’s tweet, which launched a back-and-forth argument between the duo, featuring six tweets in a 20-minute span.


After the Twitter exchange ended, Brown got the final word, posting a picture of him stiff-arming Weddle back when they were AFC North rivals.

Brown was quiet on social media on Friday, but he got back to feuding Saturday morning after the Cleveland Browns quarterback Mayfield called him out on Instagram for being a bad teammate, throwing a fit about his helmet, and freezing his feet in a cryotherapy chamber.

Brown responded early Saturday with a tweet, before saying that Mayfield never should have been drafted before Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Brown has been traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers and released by the Oakland Raiders and Patriots in the past six months and now has bad blood with prominent players on the Rams and Browns.


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