Adam Gase on 33-0 loss to Patriots: ‘That was brutal’

Adam Gase
Head coach Adam Gase of the New York Jets. –Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Jets coach Adam Gase didn’t have much to say after his team’s 33-0 shutout loss against the Patriots Monday night.

“Obviously, that was brutal,” Gase said. “We didn’t do anything right.”

Gase acknowledged all three phases of the game were bad, starting with the team’s opening possessions on both sides of the ball. After New England milked nearly nine minutes of game time on a 16-play touchdown drive, the Jets promptly gave the ball back to quarterback Tom Brady when Sam Darnold threw an interception on New York’s second offensive play of the game.

Darnold threw four picks and completed just 11 of his 32 pass attempts, with several of his throws sailing out of bounds. He was also sacked once and lost a fumble. Darnold finished with a passer rating of 3.6.


“Obviously, when we go back and look at this, he’s not going to be happy,” Gase said.

“He said he felt like it was one of the worst games he ever played,” added running back Le’Veon Bell. “I said there’s always been games like that where you don’t play well. Now you know, you can only play better from here on out. You can’t play no worse than you played tonight. I think he learned a lot from tonight. Sometimes that’s what you have with a young player.”

Heading into the game, New York was considered a potential upset pick by some. But nothing seemed to go right for the Jets, who finished with just 154 total yards and six turnovers. Despite not scoring a touchdown, the dominant Patriots defense feasted on New York’s mistakes.

“We can’t play that way against these guys,” Gase said.

Even with the lopsided score, Gase said he tried to string together a positive stretch so that Darnold and the team could have something constructive to build off of for Week 8.

“That’s the one thing about the NFL,” he said. “When a game like this gets a little out of control, you’re trying to think, ‘How do I put something positive together?'”


Up next for the 1-5 Jets will be the Jacksonville Jaguars.