Michael Bennett on his suspension: ‘It’s America, you can voice your opinion about certain situations’

Bennett talked about his suspension after his first practice back with the team on Wednesday.

Patriots defensive end Michael Bennett was suspended for "detrimental conduct" earlier in October.

Michael Bennett returned to the Patriots on Wednesday, his first practice back following a week-long suspension for “detrimental conduct” after a disagreement with defensive line coach Bret Bielema. Bennett had told ESPN previously that the suspension was a result of a “philosophical disagreement with my position coach,” but after practice, the Patriots defensive end briefly elaborated on what happened.


“Just about life,” Bennett said with a shrug when asked if it was about playing time.

“Both,” he replied when asked if it was regarding a football philosophy or something else.

Whatever the conversation was about, Bennett did make it clear he stated his piece to his coach.


“You can’t really bite your tongue, nobody else bites their tongue in the league, everybody says how they feel. I say how I feel and move on from it. We all go through our own situations and you can have a conversation and move on from it.

“It’s America, you can voice your opinion about certain situations. That’s what I did,” he added according to the Providence Journal’s Mark Daniels.  “I didn’t take away nothing. I got suspended. Lost money. What am I supposed to take away from that? There’s no love lost.”

In terms of whether he’s happy in New England, Bennett continued to keep his reply short.

“It is what it is,” he said.