Odell Beckham Jr. gifted Tom Brady goat-hair cleats

Baker Mayfield could only watch.

FOXBOROUGH, MA - OCTOBER 27: Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns gifts his cleats to Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots following the game at Gillette Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Odell Beckham Jr. gifts his cleats to Tom Brady. –Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. may have a sizable ego, but at least he realizes that he’s not the greatest of all time, and certainly not as compared to someone like Tom Brady. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield remains very much on the outside of the GOAT conversation, looking in.

Such was the tableau that formed at the end of the Cleveland Browns’ 27-13 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots. As the teams began milling across the field, Beckham presented Brady with a pair of goat-hair cleats — and all Mayfield could do was watch.

Beckham had let it be known earlier in the week that he planned to give the furry footwear to Brady, for whom Beckham has plenty of admiration.

“I have a pair of cleats for him made out of — I hope no animals were really harmed — but made out of goat hair,” Beckham said on Tuesday. ”[I have a pair] for me, too, but I’m gonna give them to him because he’s one of the GOATs, and he’s more the GOAT than I am.”

Beckham proceeded dropped the qualifiers the next day and declared Brady to have separated himself from the GOAT herd.

“I know we’ve done some goat cloning, so I think there’s something going on,” Beckham said Wednesday to chuckles among reporters at Cleveland’s practice facility. “He’s not human, to be playing the way he’s still playing, mentally prepared every single game, decisive decisions, knows how to manage a game.”

“He’s just very smart, he’s the best to ever do it. I don’t think anybody could argue it,” Beckham added. “He’s just the greatest, so I definitely want some of the water that he’s drinking. That’s who everyone — I know for me, as well — we all are inspired to be like.”

Beckham had also said during the week that it was “always a dream” of his to play for the Patriots, but instead of sharing a locker with Brady, the best he could do Sunday was share his custom-made, caprine cleats.