Tom Brady on Bill Belichick’s greatness, why he wears No. 12, and packing lunches for his children

Brady was also asked about what he plans for Halloween.

Tom Brady warming up before playing the Browns on Sunday.

Tom Brady got his Monday morning off to a start that many parents will identify with: He packed lunches for his children and dropped them off at school.

“My wife’s out of the country traveling and I have the kids this morning at school, so I’m getting a little late start,” said Brady during his weekly interview with WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show.”

Of course, Brady isn’t packing usual lunches. They’re more in line with his — and Gisele Bündchen’s — preference for healthy eating.

“They eat pretty good,” said Brady of the lunches he packs for his kids. “You know me. I think they do a pretty good job, they’re pretty healthy kids, but they get to enjoy a lot of the other things too at the football game yesterday too. So I think they enjoy a pretty healthy balance.”


Asked if he waits in the school drop-off line or gets to skip ahead, Brady was emphatic that he takes no special privileges in that scenario.

“No, I don’t,” Brady said about if he cuts the car drop-off line. “Why do you think I’m so different? This is like normal stuff, man.”

Brady’s relatable Monday morning comes a day after he helped the Patriots move to 8-0 on the season with a 27-13 Sunday win over the  Browns.

Here are a few things Brady discussed in his weekly WEEI interview:

What Bill Belichick does well in preparing the Patriots

Sunday’s win was a milestone for Bill Belichick. He achieved something only two other coaches in NFL history have also done: Win 300 games.

Brady, who has only ever had Belichick as a coach in the NFL, was asked what makes the 67-year-old so good at his job.

“It’s really a privilege to play for him and his ability to just get our team motivated and get the guys playing as hard as they can,” said Brady. “Our coach does a great job preparing us every week and he gets down to the fundamentals, the techniques, the plays, the scheme.”

In particular, Brady cited Belichick’s ability to distill the crucial information about a game for his players to know.


“I would always say sometimes coaches that give you so much information you can’t retain any of it, because it’s so much,” Brady explained. “And I think what he does is he trims the fat, and he gets you the meat of what they’re trying to do. And he doesn’t confuse you, he doesn’t tell you things that may never come up, he doesn’t tell you, it’s not information overload. He does a great job, his preparation is so on point. He boils the game down so you can actually take the things and go out on the field and try to apply them.”

“He’s taught me a lot about football over the years,” Brady added, “and it’s really been a blessing to play for him in my life.”

What jerseys his kids are allowed to wear, and why he wears No. 12

During a discussion of players and teams that his kids support, Brady said that he’s fine with whatever jerseys they wear. Of course, when asked if he would be alright with one of them wearing an Eli Manning jersey, Brady acknowledged an exception might be made.

“Yeah, maybe that one I’d be a little offended,” Brady joked. “No, I’d be cool with anything. They have their own little, beautiful minds. They get to have independent thoughts and whatever they want to do, I’m cool with.”

Brady was then asked about why he wears No. 12, which has been his jersey number with the Patriots since 2000.

“It’s a good question,” Brady began. “I had a college number which was 10 which I always liked. When I got here, Lee Johnson was No. 10, so I was like, ‘What’s up with that? How’s he get 10?’ And I had to go with 12, which was my high school number.


Regarding the story that Brady allegedly offered to give Mohamed Sanu his number (as that was Sanu’s number with the Falcons before being traded to the Patriots last week), Brady maintained that he would never actually sell it.

“I don’t charge my teammates for anything,” Brady said. “They get a lot of free stuff from me over the years. I’m not into that, taking money from teammates.”

He has no idea what costume he’s wearing for Halloween

The final question of Brady’s interview was a simple one: What is the Patriots’ quarterback going as for Halloween?

“When’s Halloween?” Brady asked. When told that it’s on Thursday, Brady said he needed to “get on it.”

“I don’t know yet,” said Brady.” Not sure.”

Brady has usually dressed up for Halloween in years past, though exactly how much he actively chooses his own costume is unknown.