Mohamed Sanu honored the late John Witherspoon with customized cleats

"RIP to a Legend."

With a pair of customized cleats, new Patriots wide receiver Mohamed Sanu paid homage to the late John Witherspoon Sunday night.

Sanu shared a photo of the painted kicks, which feature Witherspoon and the name of his 2008 stand-up comedy special, “You Got to Coordinate,” prior to kickoff against the Baltimore Ravens. The toes also feature big polka dots, matching the pattern of the shirt Witherspoon wore during the special.

“RIP to a Legend,” Sanu wrote in his caption on Instagram. “You were great in everything you starred in.”

Witherspoon died Tuesday at the age of 77 in Los Angeles. The actor-comedian is best known for his role as Ice Cube’s father in the “Friday” trilogy.


Sanu also rocked a pair of customized cleats in his Patriots debut against the Cleveland Browns last Sunday.