Jamie Collins was doing backflips during Patriots’ practice

The Patriots linebacker showed off his gymnastic skills on Wednesday.

Patriots outside linebacker Jamie Collins showed off his athleticism on Wednesday and was seen doing backflips during warmups.
Patriots outside linebacker Jamie Collins showed off his athleticism on Wednesday, doing backflips during warmups. –AP Photo/Winslow Townson

While the Patriots warmed up for practice on Wednesday, linebacker Jamies Collins was busy doing something else.

In a video shot by WPRI’s Morey Hershgordon, Collins can be seen nailing a backflip while the rest of the team warmed up with tackling dummies.

This isn’t the first time Collins has displayed his acrobatic skills during practice. In October, he landed an impressive handstand during warmups. According to linebacker Elandon Roberts, Collins’ athletic skills are often on display.

“You see it before practice. He’ll be walking on his hands,” linebacker  Roberts told The Athletic in September. “He’s like 260 (pounds) and walking on his hands. He can do some stuff…Jamie is Jamie. He’s a freak athlete.”


Backflips, however, seem to be Collins’ specialty. Linebacker Dont’a Hightower said he once saw him do a backflip down a hill in full pads.

“[He was] just talking nonchalant like, ‘I’ll do a backflip right now,'” Hightower recalled. “Then [he] turned around and did it going down the hill.”

In 2015, Collins posted a video of himself doing eight backflips in a row.

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