Tom Brady confirms he is not the Patriots’ next kicker

"We'd be screwed if I was the kicker."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn't practicing his kicking this week.
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn't practicing his kicking this week. –John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

As of Friday afternoon, the Patriots still don’t have a kicker. Tom Brady was placed on the injury report with a toe injury this week.

Let’s connect the dots for a second…did Brady try out for the Patriots’ vacant kicker position? Did he hurt his toe while kicking at practice?

“No, nope. That’s not how I hurt [my toe], and I’m not the new kicker,” Brady told reporters on Friday. “We’d be screwed if I was the kicker.”

Well, that’s that.

But it might not be far-fetched that Brady could kick. While Brady hasn’t kicked before, he does have professional experiencing in kicking the ball. Brady’s recorded three punts in his career, but he hasn’t done that since 2013.


“I’ve only punted like two or three times,” Brady said. “But yes, I have been. I’m in the record book, statistic book, as punting, yes.”

All three of Brady’s career punts have gone at least 30 yards, including a 48-yard pooch punt in the Patriots’ 45-10 win over the Denver Broncos in the 2011 AFC Divisional Round.

Brady was hesitant to call himself a punter at first, but he jokingly realized that it might bump his profile up.

“I wouldn’t call myself a punter,” Brady said. “Is that a two-way player? Then I have to consider myself a two-way player. I like that.”

The TB12 method has helped Brady as a quarterback, and it can also help him in the kicking game.

“Yeah, yeah (pliability helps in the kicking game), I can still get it out there pretty good.”

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