Patriots cooperating with NFL after Bengals videotaping allegations

Bengals' coach Zac Taylor had no comment on the allegations.

Zac Taylor walking the sidelines in Cleveland Sunday, had no comment on the Patriots’ videographer situation. –Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

FOXBOROUGH – The Patriots are cooperating with the NFL after the Bengals raised concerns about a crew filming a New England scout in the press box in Cleveland Sunday.

According to a league source, the three-person crew was shooting B roll footage of a Patriots scout for an upcoming episode of the team’s “Do Your Job’’ series, which focuses on the duties of New England’s support staff.

The Patriots asked for and received credentials and permission from the host Browns but neglected to notify the Bengals of their plans, according to the source. The team has turned over all footage to the league and is confident it will show only the scout being taped.


The incident came to light at the end of Bengals coach Zach Taylor’s press conference Monday when he was asked about the videographer’s presence in the press box.

“I’m aware there was an incident,’’ said Taylor. “But the league is investigating it, so I’ve got not comment.’’

Pressed about whether it was unusual to see a crew filming in the press box, Taylor said, “I don’t have anything to say about it.’’

When Taylor was asked to confirm if a crew was indeed in the press box, he again said, “I’ve got no comment.’’