Bill Belichick’s best moments and stories from the NFL 100 All-Time Team reveal

An uncharacteristically animated Belichick swapped stories with Ed Reed, Lawrence Taylor, and many others.

Bill Belichick has been a major part of the NFL 100 All-Time Team program. AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Patriots fans have gotten to see Bill Belichick in a different environment while watching weekly installments of the reveal of the NFL 100 All-Time Team. The program has provided glimpses of the coach’s personality that are usually hidden beneath the surface of his all-business demeanor.

Belichick clearly enjoyed helping to preside over the project, noting that it actually made him a better coach. In turn, his appreciation of history and in-depth knowledge of players and coaches from decades ago improved the quality of the program. And his presence as an eight-time Super Bowl winner has added weight to the presentation.

Here are some of the best clips of Belichick talking about the NFL All-Time Team:


One of the Belichick’s best contributions was his ability to authentically break down film of some of the older players that fans may not have heard of:

He provided an enjoyable summary of Adam Vinatieri:

Belichick was in awe of Jim Brown, of whom he later said “I’d put him in there right now on third and one.”

Emmitt Smith was visibly moved by Belichick’s praise:

On Junior Seau, Belichick praised his attitude and passion:

Probably the best moment for Belichick was his excited praise of former safety Ed Reed:

With Reed, Belichick then broke down some impressive film of Dick “Night Train” Lane:

Belichick, who was a Giants defensive coach during the ’80s, had some good Lawrence Taylor stories:

And of course, Belichick had a quality anecdote about Rob Gronkowski:

For Deion Sanders, Belichick explained how they coached against him:

Along with Sanders, Belichick broke down the value of Rod Woodson:

Belichick described how John Hannah was “literally at the point of attack on every play”:

He talked about how everything in NFL coaching is derived from Paul Brown:

And here’s how he reacted to being named himself as one of the coaches to make the list:

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