Drew Bledsoe described the ‘intrigue’ around a possible Patriots breakup

The former Patriots QB also has some ideas about where Tom Brady could go.

Tom Brady talks with Drew Bledsoe on the Patriots' sideline
Tom Brady talks with Drew Bledsoe on the Patriots' sideline. –NFL Films

He’s been the face of the Patriots for 20 years and six Super Bowls, so whether you’re a fan of his or not, it would be odd to see Tom Brady suit up in another team’s colors next season.

His predecessor thinks so, too.

“It’d be weird,” former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe told the Zach Gelb Show Tuesday. “I think it would be strange for everybody if that happened.”

Bledsoe, a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback during his nine years on the Patriots (1993-2001), who also played for Buffalo and Dallas before retiring in 2006, offered the Chargers and Colts as possible landing spots for the 42-year-old quarterback.


“If he does decide he’s going to go someplace else, it has to be a very specific fit,” Bledsoe said. “They’ve got to have most of the pieces in place already. He’s not going to go to a rebuild. Outside of [Los Angeles and Indianapolis], it’s kind of hard to envision him going someplace else.”

Bledsoe will be paying attention this offseason as Brady’s contract negotiations begin – but not just to see where, if anywhere, Brady ends up. Bledsoe is curious about the chance to uncover the true source of the Patriots’ long-term success.

“I do think there’s some intrigue, probably on both sides of that thing, to see if they can do it without the other guy – for Tom, to see if he can without Bill, and for Bill, to see if he can win without Tom,” Bledsoe said. “I think there’s probably some intrigue on both sides of that thing to see where the credit really lies in that situation. I truly have no idea what’s going to happen. It’ll be interesting to watch.”

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