Morning sports update: Jacoby Brissett talked about the ‘invaluable’ time he spent playing behind Tom Brady

"If he saw me relaxing, he goes, 'Listen, you play quarterback, you can't do that.'"

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, and Jacoby Brissett on the field prior to Super Bowl LI.
Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, and Jacoby Brissett on the field prior to Super Bowl LI. –Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

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Jacoby Brissett on Tom Brady: The Patriots’ 2016 quarterback depth chart now reads as a list of three starters in the NFL. But while much of the focus is currently on Tom Brady’s free agent decision and Jimmy Garoppolo’s impending Super Bowl start for the 49ers, it may have been Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett who offered the most interesting insight into the trio’s dynamic.


During an interview for Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast (recorded at Terminal A of Logan Airport when the two crossed paths), Brissett discussed what it was like to be around Brady.

Asked how he views his relationship with Brady, Brissett resisted the comparison to a “father figure.” Instead, he offered a more nuanced description.

“Mentor, to like brother, to like friend,” Brissett told Curran. “Tom just encompasses so much because he’s the type of guy where he’s gonna cover all the bases. He’s going to be the big brother at times, he’s going to be the friend, he’s going to be the mentor, he’s going to be the coach, he’s going to do all of these things just because of his personality.

“He was hard on us, no question,” Brissett admitted. “It was the standard that people had for us because we played behind Tom but it was more so you didn’t care about that standard, you cared about what Tom thought about you. You cared about Tom’s standard. I’ll just never forget some of the things he would say. If he saw me relaxing, he goes, ‘Listen, you play quarterback, you can’t do that.'”


Working with Brady was a lesson in the day-to-day grind that accompanied the position.

“For the most part, he kept always kept you on your toes,” Brissett added. “He played those mind games with us.

“One day he’d love us up and another day he’ll be pissed and take it out on us. Things like that. His expectations were way more something you were trying to uphold than what anybody else [put on you].”

Ultimately, Brissett views his time in New England as a positive.

“To have Tom as a resource and then I’ve created so many other friendships outside of just Tom, but with players [in New England]. So definitely having him, it’s invaluable.”

As for Garoppolo, Brissett was asked if he’s proud of what his former teammate has accomplished this season.

“No question,” said Brissett. “Just to see where he was. I mean we were together like what, three years ago? I mean the relationship has carried throughout. And just to see how far he’s come, because I know some of the things that he’s been through. Last year he tears his ACL. This year, he’s in a Super Bowl. It’s no shock when you watch him work, and watch him go about his business and when you watch him on the field. And being with him in practice, not just games, it’s no shock that he’s having the success that he is.”

Trivia: Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback originally drafted by the Patriots, is set to start for the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. What other quarterback originally drafted by the Patriots started (and won) two Super Bowls for another team?


(Answer the bottom).

Hint: He won the Heisman Trophy playing for Stanford.

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