Devin and Jason McCourty discussed Tom Brady’s Super Bowl party and the ‘strictly business’ Patriots approach

"That's the best thing about him though. He's one of the guys."

Jason and Devin McCourty Patriots parade
Jason and Devin McCourty at the Patriots' Super Bowl victory parade in Boston in 2019. –The Associated Press

The speculation over Tom Brady’s real estate moves has escalated to the point where even his own teammates are talking about it.

In a recent episode of NFL insider Ian Rapoport’s podcast, “RapSheet and Friends,” Patriots defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty were asked about the impending free agent decision that Brady has in front of him.

“I feel like you’ll know what he’s going to do before I know what he’s going to do,” quipped Devin to Rapoport. Still, the McCourty twins each offered their take on the longtime New England quarterback.

“It’s been fun to learn from him and anytime you play somewhere for 20 years, you do a job for 20 years, and now you have the first time in your career to look outside the window and see what else is going on out there,” Devin explained. “I’m sure he has to be excited about that.”


“But I’m like any fan,” Devin continued. “It would be very weird to see Tom Brady in another jersey. But I think throughout the history of the NFL, there are all guys that fall in that [category]. Is Tom probably the highest profile and probably one of the best guys that you’ll say that about? Yeah, but Joe Montana was kind of in that same situation when he left [San Francisco]. So it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. I’m sure right now he’s just enjoying his family time.”

The conversation then veered into Super Bowl parties, and Jason said that Brady is hosting one himself.

“I talked to him,” said Jason. “He’s having a Super Bowl party Sunday.”

Still, it wasn’t clear if it was a joke or not. Rapoport followed up to attempt to establish some clarity.

“He is having a Super Bowl party though?” asked Rapoport.

“Yeah, we won’t be there though,” Jason responded, adding the word “Connecticut” for good measure. It was a reference to the ongoing rumors that Brady has been looking to buy (or potentially has bought) a home in Connecticut.

Switching gears from his free agent decision, both McCourtys concurred with Rapoport that Brady — always able to take a joke — is as relatable as a superstar can be.


“That’s the best thing about him though,” said Devin. “He’s one of the guys.”

“I won’t say it was a surprise to me, but you never know,” Jason said of learning about Brady’s character. “Like you get to a team and it’s — I remember when I went to the Super Bowl game in Arizona [in 2015], it was a Saturday and it was family pictures day and I’m just on the field with my family and Tom walks up to me and is like, ‘Hey, what’s up Jason? Man, you really played great this year.’ I was just like, ‘You know that? Like are you just saying that?’ And it’s just like he’s Tom Brady but then you get to the team and he is just a guy. Every guy he’ll come up, ‘Hey, what’s up? How you doing? I’m Tom Brady.’ He’ll literally introduce himself. And it’s just like, Tom! We all know you’re Tom Brady. But he’s such a competitor, trash talk, it’s an amazing experience to be able to compete with him.”

Both Jason and Devin (who are 32 years old) could potentially not be back with New England next season. Devin is a free agent, while Jason has a team option. Yet the business-like approach that Bill Belichick has always employed is something they enjoy for its authenticity.

“When I got there, I loved that aspect of it,” said Jason, who arrived in New England in a 2017 trade. “Some people got there and are like, ‘Oh, it’s tough, it’s not friendships and personal relationships,’ but for me, I’ve been on teams and part of coaching staffs and different people where it comes across like, ‘Hey, how’s your wife doing? The family and the kids?’ We talk all of this stuff, and then something happens and they don’t remember anything about your family, they don’t remember anything. I’ve only had I think Dick LeBeau and Greg Williams saw my wife and from the time they met her to the times after when I was with Greg in Tennessee then in Cleveland, he remembered my wife’s name. LeBeau remembered. But that’s very [rare], it doesn’t  happen.


“So when I got to New England, they don’t hide it,” Jason continued. “This thing is strictly business. Bill tells us all the time, ‘Every decision I make is going to be in the best interest of the New England Patriots.’ And for me, I’m sitting there like, ‘That’s what gets you to winning a Super Bowl last year.’ So for me, to be able to be a part of that and see what comes of it was great. And like you just said, as players, you always are making the best decision for you and your family.”