What David Ortiz, Ty Law, and Drew Brees said about Tom Brady’s free agency

"I think it really goes beyond money with Tom right now."

Saints quarterback Drew Brees shared his thoughts on Tom Brady's upcoming free agency. AP Photo/Bill Feig, File

What is Tom Brady going to decide?

As the Patriots quarterback approaches free agency on March 18, this is the question weighing on everyone’s minds. While teammate Julian Edelman has been promoting his own “STAY TOM! 2020” campaign, many are chiming in on what they think Brady should do.

On Thursday, former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, former Patriots cornerback Ty Law and Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined the conversation and dished their takes on Brady’s impending decision while appearing at the “Saving by Sharing” charity event in Quincy on Thursday.

“Going into it as a veteran player, you know it is what it is when it comes to the contract stuff,” Law said. “Everyone is going to have their poker face on but at the end of the day, it’s about winning and coming together to try to win another championship.”


“Pay the man!” Ortiz added with a smirk.

“Absolutely,” Law responded. “But I think it really goes beyond money with Tom right now. Everyone knows he’s not hurting for anything like that. It’s whatever’s going on internally.”

Brees, on the other hand, has said he can’t picture Brady going anywhere else and stressed that TB12 is just looking to compete and win championships.

“It would certainly be hard to see him in another jersey, but at the end of the day, I want to add and say this: I’m not playing because I’m just trying to hang on,” Brees said. “Tom’s not playing just because he’s trying to hang on for a few more years. We’re trying to win championships. That’s what we’re about and so regardless of what happens, you know the decision is being made in the best interest for him and his ability to go on and accomplish what he’s trying to accomplish.”

Entering his 20th season in the NFL, Brees is taking his own career “year by year” but hopes to play until he’s 45.  He feels like Brady has put the time in and should be appreciated for his commitment to the Patriots all these years.
“If he does end up leaving the New England Patriots, Ty said it earlier, that guy devoted 20 years of his life and his career to Boston, [won] six championships; did something that’s unprecedented — so he deserves to be admired, respected and a tremendous amount of gratitude for those contributions and that sacrifice, regardless of what happens.”
Still, he thinks it would be odd to see him suit up for anyone else.
“Would it be weird for all of us to see him in a different jersey? Yeah, it would be weird.”





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