Morning sports update: Why the Colts wanted Philip Rivers over Tom Brady despite ‘extensive scouting’

"Doesn’t seem like the Colts were willing to go there."

Tom Brady, Philip Rivers
Tom Brady and Philip Rivers after a playoff game in 2019. –AP Photo/Steven Senne

The Patriots’ team plane was sent by the Kraft family in coordination with Gov. Charlie Baker and others to China, and will return with 1.2 million N95 masks to help with the current shortage.

And the Patriots also shared a video message from Bill Belichick on Wednesday. Belichick offered encouragement, telling fans “let’s keep stringing good days together.”

Why the Colts opted for Philip Rivers over Tom Brady: One of the possible suitors for Tom Brady when NFL free agency began in March was rumored to be the Colts. However, Indianapolis ultimately decided to sign another veteran quarterback instead.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the Colts targeted and eventually signed Philip Rivers instead of Brady despite “extensive scouting” of the 42-year-old former Patriot.


“[Colts coach] Frank Reich talked about the things he loved about Brady,” Rapoport said on NFL Network. “He thought the tape really was phenomenal, and obviously Brady is one of the all-time greats, that goes without saying.”

“They believed that Philip Rivers was a better fit for them in part because of the familiarity he has with offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni, with Frank Reich himself, with Jason Michael the tight ends coach” Rapoport continued. “That was one factor.”

Added to that were the financial constrictions.

“Another factor is Tom Brady signed a two-year, fully guaranteed deal with the Bucs,” Rapoport explained. “Doesn’t seem like the Colts were willing to go there.”

Brady’s contract with the Buccaneers is reportedly for two years and is worth $50 million in total. Rivers signed with the Colts on a one-year deal worth $25 million.

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